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Extra Credit
Extra Credit

This link leads to a "Kitchen Science Experiment" page.  If you choose to complete one of these experiments during the quarter, please send me a Google Doc that explains the process and the science behind the activity.  What happened?  Why?  What has made this reaction take place?  These paragraphs will earn your points.  Stay curious!

Instrucables: How to Build Anything

Learn how to build anything!


Explore the NASA website and learn about engineering, space, and so much more!


Design, Create, and learn about coding!


Learn about math and science!  This has everything from photosynthesis to the unverse!

Free Rice

End hunger by playing a fun trivia game! Each correct answer earns 10 grains of rice.  Give it a try!

Mrs. Mastin's website
Mrs. Mastin's Website

For parents and students:
Google site:

This link allows you to access some student work.  Not all projects are able to be published via this site.