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Learn more about ACT registration and testing. All students are encouraged to test in their junior year of high school.  This enables them to retest in their senior year as needed. 

Learn more about SAT registration and testing.


Students are encouraged to do scholarship and college research online at any of their college choices, or check out the following websites for scholarships and awards: 

Minnesota Department of Education  
FastWeb College Search   
SAT Information  
Scholarship Search 
Monster Job Search  
America's Career Infonet
Bureau of Labor Statistics 
Occupational Outlook Handbook   
Find money for college  

 Financial Aid:
Federal PIN  
Federal Student Aid on the Web
FastWeb's College Gold
Mapping Your Future
Project Scholarship Scam
Taxes for Students
U.S. Department of Education 

FastWeb Scholarship Search
Free App. For Federal Student Aid
Federal Direct Loans
City Year
Resources by State 

College/Loan/Savings/EFC Calculators

Upcoming Events:

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid
College-bound students must file to be eligible for state and federal grants, loans, and work-study.  Apply on paper or online at FAFSA

PSEO - Post-Secondary Enrollment Option
Students wanting to take college classes during the junior or senior year of high school must contact the Counselor by January to determine eligibility.  High school graduation credit requirements are calculated before registration begins.  Courses and credits needed for high school graduation are then taken in college, thus earning both high dchool credits and college credits. 

NCAA Connection for Division I and Division II colleges
Students hoping to play sports in college may apply for a sports scholarship

Minnesota Workforce Center
Job opportunities


Students and parents are encouraged to browse the catalogs and brochures in the Media Center.


The Parent and the Exceptional Student
You do not have to inform a post-secondary institution that you have a disability.  However, if you want an academic adjustment, you must identify yourself as having a disability. 

Accommodations that a college/university may provide:
Qualified interpreters
Note takers 
Extra time on exam
Individually proctored exams
Changed test format
Alternative means to demonstrate mastery
Use of assistive technological devices to assist in test taking and study skills. 

Accommodations are based on a student's individual needs and disability. 

 Be a self advocate;  know your rights and responsibilities, and be able to explain your needs and classroom modifications. 

Successful LD Students
Manage time effectively
Make connections
Choose courses carefully with advising
Seek assistance from supportive people
Use problem solving and learning strategies
Focus on abilities rather than weaknesses
Employ effective social skills in a variety of settings
Take responsibility for themselves